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Whether you are looking for a simple dock or a more complicated sea wall or marinas, you can count on us. We have a reputation for providing quality marine construction services in Florida. We have been serving so many clients and we have proved to be the most reliable dock builders St. Augustine, FL.

We can help you make the most of your waterfront property. We are skilled and innovative and we are always keen to achieve customer satisfaction. We will use the best materials and ensure that you have marine structures that are strong and durable. You can trust us to build docks that will withstand the raging winds and extreme weather conditions.

Our dock construction services are professional and the best. We will repair your dock as well and all the services are meant to fulfill your specific and unique needs. Our experts are known to provide exceptional services and we will use the highest industry standards.

The docks will be durable and will serve your needs, without getting compromised. There are different styles and sizes of docks and we will make use of premium-grade quality materials. Talk to us today and we are sure to exceed your expectations.

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Our Mission

We have been serving the residents of St Augustine Florida for over 25 years and we are committed to providing exceptional service. We are marine construction experts and we specialize in custom docks, boathouses, bulkheads, and pile driving services. We are committed to quality workmanship and craftsmanship and we can assure that whatever your needs are, we are the company to go to. We will complete your project on time and within your budget. We use the highest standards in the industry to ensure that you have quality constructions.

We are licensed, insured and bonded, giving you peace of mind during the construction. Safety is a top priority for us and in all our projects we will work hard to protect the natural habitat. We use the best equipment and our experience ensures that the work is done in the best way. The marine structures that we construct are strong and durable and meant to withstand extreme weather and strong winds. We are certified contractors and with our experience, we will handle all the paperwork and permits that are needed for the project.

Our Services

Do you have a waterfront property and would love to enhance it? We are here to help with marine construction services. We will create a unique and custom design for your project and ensure that it meets your needs and lifestyle. When you come to use, you can be sure of the highest quality and standards of construction. We have a dedicated team of experts that works to provide you with the best service. We can confidently assure you of quality craftsmanship, thanks to our decades of experience. We take pride in providing unique projects to all our clients.

Our services include

  • Dock construction
  • Dock repairs
  • Bulkhead construction
  • Marine construction
  • Seawall construction

Whichever projects that you may be interested in, our crews are always ready to provide you with the best customer services. We will provide you with a detailed proposal and work on your project diligently to provide services that meet your requirements and specifications. We are always happy to provide custom designs for all the projects. Whatever idea you may have, give it to us and we will make it into reality. Our attention to detail and commitment to providing excellent service is unsurpassed.

Since our inception, we have been working hard to remain at the top of the marine construction industry. We are your trusted dock construction experts with guaranteed workmanship. We will offer docks that are designed according to your preference and our desire is to accommodate your specific needs and requirements. Each project is considered to be a top priority and we will use our skills to provide superior construction services. We are will also handle all marine construction repairs in the best way and use our professionalism and craftsmanship to enhance the stability of your marine structures.

Marine Construction Experts

Living on waterfronts can be exciting since you get to enjoy nature’s best. There are a number of things that can be done to enhance the aesthetic value of your waterfront property. We will use superior products and materials and see to it that you are getting personalized service. Besides the construction services, we will also provide repairs and maintenance. In our experience, we have ascertained that maintenance will extend the life of your dock and any other marine construction. Our services are geared towards improving your property while protecting the natural habitat.

We have been successful in all marine construction services. Through the years, we have erected a number of high-quality docks, bulkheads, seawalls and so many other marine structures in St Augustine. We are committed to providing the maximum quality of your life in water. We will always use our professionalism and skills to see to it that we are offering you the best services. We will never compromise on the quality of service that we deliver to our clients. Our consistency is what sets us apart from other marine construction companies.

Our customer service is the best and we are keen to see to it that you are getting value for your money. We are versed in all manner of marine constructions, repairs and even replacement and you can count on us to deliver services that exceed your expectations. Our experience comes in handy in all the projects that we handle and this gives us the confidence to assure you of the superior quality construction.

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Contact Us

Finding a reliable contractor can be a daunting task, especially for marine construction. We are the leading dock builders Jacksonville FL and St Augustine FL and we are committed to providing exceptional service. Contact us today for more information and to get a free estimate for our services.